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WHO are we?

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there were two childhood friends, Matthieu and Mickaël, quietly posing at a gig in a pub in London's legendary Camden district, in the autumn of 2020. They love music, they're both DJs, they're won over by the atmosphere of the place, and they're savoring this moment together all the more after a year marked by confinements. So they came up with a crazy idea: to recreate the Camden atmosphere for a festival in Rennes. After all, who hasn't had great ideas one night over a drink?

But Matthieu and Mickaël don't just dream. They decided to mobilize their friends and family, and then teams of professionals, to put together this crazy project. And so the Breizh Camden Festival was born. They began by tripping on good sound, and today they're at the head of a no-nonsense orga to launch the first edition of this unique festival.

Why Brittany? The choice was obvious: the region is already home to many top-quality festivals, and it's also Matthieu's adopted home.